Catherine André

A Parisian designer highly skilled in the art of knitwear uses her talent to create unique collections. Her imaginative use of color and pattern sets her apart in the world of fashion.You can see Catherine’s curiosity about all around her and infused throughout her designs.


Heyne Bogut

A husband and wife team that uses a holistic approach to their designs; they start with unique printing techniques to achieve some of the most imaginative hand crafted fabrics. Then they design shapes to complement each print, this combination has made some of the most interesting and beautiful clothing.



The High collection designed in Italy by Claire Campbell offers some of the most creative quality Italian sportswear. This designer’s fresh approach is to use her modern ideas with the latest techno fabrics and combine it with time-honored art of detailing and craftsmanship. The High women can be feminine or edgy, casual or contemporary but never predictable.