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A Uno Tribeca Presents


Anett Röstel for Rostfrei

From Berlin the Rostfrei collection designed by Anett Röstel focuses on that modern women who likes a little edge to her look.  Anett uses textured fabrics that accent her complex cuts and architectural inspired shapes. 


Annette Görtz

A collection of sportswear for the modern urban women who values quality fabrics and timelessness in her look. Annette’s palette is classic, her shapes are forward-looking we call this investment dressing.

Black label fin.jpg

Black Label

Black label is known for its unique approach to each season; by creating a whimsical theme to their affordable casual collections. Their styling attracts those who want to express themselves with a Eurocentric vibe. The technique of dressing in layers and mixing shapes have become their signature.


Catherine André

A Parisian designer highly skilled in the art of knitwear uses her talent to create unique collections. Her imaginative use of color and pattern sets her apart in the world of fashion.You can see Catherine’s curiosity about all around her and infused throughout her designs.


Heyne Bogut

A husband and wife team that uses a holistic approach to their designs; they start with unique printing techniques to achieve some of the most imaginative hand crafted fabrics. Then they design shapes to complement each print, this combination has made some of the most interesting and beautiful clothing.



The High collection designed in Italy by Claire Campbell offers some of the most creative quality Italian sportswear. This designer’s fresh approach is to use her modern ideas with the latest techno fabrics and combine it with time-honored art of detailing and craftsmanship. The High women can be feminine or edgy, casual or contemporary but never predictable.

igor photo 2.jpg


A Croatian designer who has a flair for glamour, his choices in opulent fabrics and dramatic shapes are inspired.  This collection is directed to a confident woman who looks for clothing that will make her standout.   

mieko mintz.jpeg

Mieko Mintz

One only has to look at Mieko’s pieces to appreciate her artistry.  Her skillful approach to designing by mixing handcrafted textiles that makes up into wearable art. She has taken the ancient Kantha tradition and made it a contemporary fashion statement

Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 3.53.31 PM.png


A Japanese collection that creates dramatic designs, sometimes voluminous and flowing, then others, folded in simple lines that form origami shapes.



An affordable collection of separates that have captured the spirit of a modern gal who can so effortlessly pull together looks that are fresh and flirty.

Porto’s success lies in the simplicity of their choice of easy wear, no fuss fabrics that rely on the design to inspire.  The cut with folds, draping and asymmetric detailing create some of the most interesting styling.

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 3.32.30 PM.png


Designed for the international urbane woman who dares to be noticed by her worldly approach to fashion. This is not a trendy collection, though it is edgy. It is for the woman who has personal style and sees it as the perfect addition to her lifestyle.


Sarah Pacini

Sarah Pacini started in Belgium and has become an international knit and sportswear collection. She is a master of texture knits, intricate patterns, modern shapes, and unexpected color mixes. Her philosophy is fashion is an art and a creative force for expressing your true self.

amy final.jpg

Amy Downs

If hats are your passion you should know about Amy Downs. Her handmade whimsical, playful hats are surprisingly flattering to every woman who has the confidence to show off her personal style. Warning they are addictive!

amet gray.jpg


This collection of well-crafted scarves sophisticatedly designed with a highly developed sense of color and patterns.   

Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 6.52.56 PM.png


The Grevi family has been making hats in Florence, Italy for generations. Today they still use traditional methods to produce a quality handmade hat that is contemporary.


Kao Pao Shu

The coolest way to carry your stuff! Bags and backpacks designed and made in the U.S. using the most innovated material, indestructible seat belt straps in a multiplicity of stripes and colorways that are bold with an accent on attitude. The shapes are modern, some with an origami twist, made for those who refuse to conform.

Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 4.44.37 PM.png


A imaginative collection of jewelry made in Italy by two savy women who use unusual materials to create playful, unique pieces.  Oh yes! Did I say they are affordable.  

monies alternate photo.jpg


Designed in Denmark by a family team, their oversized avant-garde pieces have given new meaning to “statement jewelry”. Inspired by nature and amazing raw materials, they create elegant and bold innovative jewelry.



Luxurious French designed scarves and shawls in a mix of contemporary prints and patterns that are in a range of imaginative color ways.

need pix.jpg

Nicki Marquardt

It is rare you find the perfect designed item, well we did! An innovative designer created our favorite yet simple spiral hat that complements all our sportswear collections and looks great on all women; it has become a classic.


Sophie Digard

A Parisian knitwear designer with a very special talent as a colorist uses her artistry to design hand crocheted, knitted and embroidered accessories that are undeniable works of art. Her amazing scarves have become collectables with her admirers.

girl and the gorilla photo-1.jpeg

The Girl and the Gorilla

A wonderful small European company headed by two women that designs soft hats and accessories. Their cloches are their signature shape, though they also show headbands and gloves that are irresistible.

Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 4.19.22 PM.png

Tzuri Gueta

Tzuri Gueta’s workshop is located in Paris; all of the pieces are hand made making them even more precious. He and his team find inspiration in nature, both land and sea. His innovative approach, unprecedented techniques and surprising materials create jewelry that are wearable objets d'art.



Inspired by the opulence of the past interpreted by using her own technique to create wearable contemporary jewelry.  Uli‘s selection of screen printed antique gemstones and chunky chains make up a wonderous collection that is designed and handmade in Amsterdam.



Design and function describe this modern reversible bag. Inspired by Japanese origami, styled from Brazilian leather and handmade in the U.S. It takes a gifted designer to develop a foldable, reversible bag that goes with you when you travel and looks so great.